turn from a swan to swan the past teeth in Vietnam

turn from a swan to swan the past teeth in Vietnam, disease is most effective in dentistry. Teeth are the main cause of gingivitis, so first treatment for gingivitis should be done with cleaning the teeth under the gum and on the crown. When the tartar is completely removed, the gums will gradually recover and the inflammation and bleeding of the teeth will decrease. When the surgical position is healed, the dental treatment is recreated. That’s the time your dentist checks and points out wisdom teeth because of pain, pain, inflammation, the risk of affecting adjacent teeth. Or in the absence of pain, wisdom teeth that cause trapped food easily lead to tooth decay also indicated by the dentist. The implementation of wisdom tooth extraction is called subtle wisdom tooth surgery and can be done by a dental specialist.

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Teeth are deflated

Tooth decay is no longer holding firm root teeth, which tend to tilt to one side and weaken. In addition, when the bone loss is the consequence of missing teeth are not treated in time, the phenomenon of tooth deflection will occur faster because the loss of teeth will create space, under the impact of chewing force will cause. For the teeth are pushed back, teeth deviate, wrong bite.

Gingival recession vietnam dentist prices

When the bone size is not enough to keep the gums stable, it causes the gums to become deeper and more exposed to the outside of the coronal cavities and to facilitate the penetration of the gums. The reason is that if the teeth are too high in this ratio, they either do not cover the dental porcelain or fill the teeth but the strength is poor, not maintained as long as desired and forced to fill again.

The jaw bone

The jaw is narrowed to the width and height of the tooth as the size decreases, the jaw is shrunk and lowered. Thanks to Implant teeth identical to the real teeth in terms of structure and function, care is also extremely simple as with real teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Reduce functional chewing food 

The chewing function of the teeth is significantly reduced when the bone is consumed. Biting force, chewing unstable when the bite is not standard between the jaws and teeth are shaken. Bits of the front teeth should fill or porcelain teeth? In terms of durability after restoration, porcelain crowns will be more secure, to chew the bite with force better than filling teeth.

Faces older than age cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Ligaments and facial muscles are sucked in while the bone is deflated causing the cheeks to rejuvenate, the face becoming old. Many people who suffer from bone loss are older than before. The risk of missing teeth when planting teeth if not implanted additional bone

When the bones are not enough, planting is difficult and the risk is that the teeth are removed from the jaw because there is not enough bone to hold and integrate with the brace. cấy răng implant

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