live in the middle of nature, the wonderful teeth in Vietnam?

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    live in the middle of nature, the wonderful teeth in Vietnam? patient is interested in. As well as other medical fields, dental hygiene also requires very strict hygienic conditions. Proper sterilization, each patient has his own kit and absolutely abides by the regulations for equipment used only for one patient and then discarded, not re-used. Of course, not only sterile equipment, but also the surgery room must be sterile. However, to do this requires regular and proper procedures. Before surgery Check blood pressure, cardiovascular and give the patient some necessary tests
    Take antibiotic prophylaxis before implant This work is very important, contributing positively to the success rate of implants After surgery


    Inflammation of the gums during pregnancy can occur in the first month or second month of pregnancy and is more severe at birth. According to the American Dental Association, there are two main causes of pregnancy gingivitis, including: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    Endocrine changes during pregnancy: During pregnancy, the hormone in the woman's body will be altered, namely higher levels of hormone progesterone than normal. This makes the tissues sensitive, along with a sudden increase in plaque, which allows the bacteria to grow and irritate the gums. Thus, leading to gingivitis bosses.

    Care and oral hygiene are difficult: When a woman is pregnant (especially in the first trimester of pregnancy), she usually has morning sickness and vomiting, and some people are allergic to toothpaste. Therefore, oral hygiene becomes difficult and is not routinely carried out, which over time creates conditions for the bacteria to produce and irritate the gums.

    Signs Recognizing gingivitis When Pregnant For The Mother Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Inflammation of the gums during pregnancy is divided into 3 stages, including: gingivitis (mild swollen gums), periodontitis (swollen gums and over 50% crowns) and progressive periodontitis (swollen gums, Against the stalk and teeth exposed.

    If not detected and treated promptly, the gourd can lose a lot of teeth. In addition, the health and development of the fetus is severely affected. Here are some early signs of gonorrhea:

    Swollen gums, from pale pink to dark red, often appear sore throats. In particular, the benefits are not yet firm but instead they are very soft and unattractive.

    When brushing, chewing or touching, the gums will bleed. In addition, the breath also smell bad. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    On the benign appearance of benign small lumps, they will cause pain and bleeding when brushing, chewing or touching.

    Plaque appears more at the surface of the tooth, root and under the gum line. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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