he shared more. Accordingly, Vietnam needs dental in Vietnam

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    he shared more. Accordingly, Vietnam needs dental in Vietnam and convenient With implant implantation, patients can easily clean their teeth every day as real dental hygiene without having to unplug them into the same way as the old one. Implant dentures do not suffer from dental diseases Dental conditions cannot occur for implant restorations, or replacement teeth, especially dental decay. However, you will need to go to the dentist as scheduled, care for it and your gums every day like a natural tooth. Does not affect the surrounding teeth Unlike the old method of grinding the teeth around to make the pill, with the criterion "one tooth - one implant" does not affect the remaining teeth on the patient's jaw, and help The lateral teeth also become stronger.[​IMG]

    Comparison of metal and non-metal porcelain teeth What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    The effect of these two lines is clearly expressed in the following issues:


    Because of its internal metal frame, porcelain teeth are affected by this color. The teeth are not as clear as the color of teeth physiology. Moreover, when the light is shining directly into the metal color inside can easily expose the teeth to dark. Therefore, metal porcelain teeth are not suitable for those who work in the field of art, often exposure to the limelight.

    In the meantime, full ceramic teeth are able to overcome these limitations by not counting the metal inside. So when the lights are straight, porcelain teeth retain color in, beautiful as natural teeth.

    Durability Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Durability is also a top priority for dental implants. New teeth should take good role of chewing food as real teeth, especially when repairing teeth with chewing force as big teeth.

    Ceramic teeth must rely on the hard metal frame inside to be sufficient to "tolerate" chewing force impact on teeth and eat chewing good. All ceramic porcelain is heated at> 1600 degrees, so the hardness is four times the real teeth, the strength is higher than the traditional tooth.

    Life expectancy

    One of the criteria of expert evaluation is also the reason why customers make the last choice. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Metal teeth after 3 to 5 years of use will appear metal frame is dropped from the gingival gum. If the group is the front teeth, the more aesthetic look. At this time, the owner had to restore his new teeth.

    Meanwhile, porcelain teeth, which last up to 20 years in the oral environment, do not appear. Patients no longer worry about this issue.

    With the correlation between the two porcelain teeth, the above-mentioned porcelain teeth have been shown to "overwhelm" the crown. At a slightly higher cost, non-metallic porcelain teeth provide excellent results in satisfying customers.

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