disadvantages still belong to the students tooth system Vietnam?

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    disadvantages still belong to the students tooth system Vietnam? paralysis of the seventh nerve, dry mouth, oral breathing, old age, lack of vitamins, menopause or in general diseases such as diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, AIDS. In addition, some medications, such as antihypertensive drugs, sedatives, antihistamines, dyspnea, depression, schizophrenia, amphetamines, diuretics ... also reduce saliva in the mouth. Smoking, especially cigars, also reduces saliva, leading to bad breath from the mouth. Halmeter, Halitest is also applied and is quite effective.TREATMENTS AND PREVENTION. For treatment, we must apply the following methods, The most common cause of bad breath is from the mouth. Much attention should be paid to oral hygiene. Brush your teeth after eating. I do not need to use toothpaste, just rub all the food left in the mouth, teeth. Use Dental Floss to clean the food stuck there.


    1. High durability. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
    With a high hardness, porcelain crowns are enough to replace real teeth in any position of the front teeth or teeth. Of course, if compared with the crown of precious metals such as gold and silver, the metal porcelain behind but still enough to provide long-term use for the owner.
    2. Natural shape
    When new, metal porcelain teeth are more advantageous than all-metal crowns in the natural look like real teeth. It is the outer layer of ceramic that gives the metal porcelain teeth exactly the same as real teeth. The dental technician can create the correct porcelain layer for each groove.
    Disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth compared to porcelain teeth

    There are some disadvantages associated with dental porcelain that Thanh Tam dentistry has the ability to minimize the maximum below.

    Gastrointestinal: a set of teeth that hold a very important function in the digestion of baby food by cutting, tearing, chewing. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    - Keeping Around: The second known function of a baby's teeth is to keep the space (placeholder) on the jaw for permanent teeth later on. At the same time these teeth will also guide the permanent teeth that grow during the replacement period.

    - Stimulate the growth of the jaw bone: thanks to the baby's teeth, the baby can tear and chew food - it is these actions that contribute to the development of the jaw bone and the face bone.

    - Pronunciation: if there is premature loss of the front teeth (teeth of milk and fangs), it can affect and make it difficult to pronounce while children speak and learn foreign languages. For example, it is difficult to pronounce sounds like "ph", "v", "s", "f", "z", "th" while learning English. Dental tourim in Vietnam

    - Aesthetics: The dental system also serves as a cosmetic for the young face. When a child realizes his or her ugly teeth, he or she will not open his / her mouth loud enough to talk, resulting in the child's pronunciation being affected.

    Because the milk system plays such an important role, parents need to pay attention to caring and keeping milk teeth very carefully. Guide and help children to clean their mouth every day, and take children to visit dentists regularly every year. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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