thanks to the peaceful and light atmosphere teeth in Vietnam

thanks to the peaceful and light atmosphere teeth in Vietnam, bone structure over time. The adjacent teeth gradually taper and tend to locate lost teeth, affecting the strength. The most important thing is that you must see a dentist to diagnose the cause of toothache and to work out an effective solution. Unable to tolerate cold by conserving methods or surgery with periodontal disease that causes excessive bone loss, causing too much loose teeth to interfere with the function or obstructing the writing in the surrounding area many teeth. The higher the efficiency of the incisors on the incisors, if the anesthetic diffuses into the lower lip numb patient to the area where the patient and the first-sighted eye seeks all over the eye socket in the pathway through the human.

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Bite defect not only aesthetic loss of face loss of confidence in communication but also greatly affect the chewing function of the teeth. So how to prevent and treat the most radical? One day brush twice: morning and evening before going to sleep. You should use fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes. Using dental floss will help remove plaque on the sides of the teeth which the brush cannot do. vietnam dentist prices

Causes of arthritis

Joint bite is the correlation between the jaws and upper and lower teeth, including proportions and interactions in the resting and chewing state of the teeth as well as the jaw. Normally, the teeth must be well balanced and beautiful between two new jaws that are considered standard bite. When the teeth are not right, right and normal, especially in the front teeth are leading to the wrong teeth bite. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Loose bite can be caused by many factors: heredity (up to 70%), premature tooth loss, habits such as sucking, tongue thrust, Incorrect position of the head leading to bite error.

Common types of bite disorders

Stunted teeth: Stunted or overgrown teeth on the jawbone occur when there are too many teeth while the space of the jaw bone as well as the oral cavity is not sufficient for the teeth to grow.

Teeth deflection: Typically the central portion of the maxillary incisors and the two maxillary incisors are offset from each other, not forming a straight line. In addition, other cases such as teeth grow out, rotated deviation … cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Denture: There is space between the teeth on the jaw, which may be due to the ratio of the tooth or the root of the tooth that grows apart.

Hoop: the case of the upper jaw is over-exposed to the lower jaw, possibly due to teeth or even the jaw bone structure.

Teeth mating: the case of the lower jaw of the upper jaw, which may be due to teeth or jaw bone structure.

Open bite arthritis: When biting, the jaw is close together but the upper jaw teeth cannot close, opening a gap. cấy răng implant

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