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not a driver for this way to the maximum implant in Vietnam?

not a driver for this way to the maximum  implant in Vietnam? a powder to be baking into the teeth after eating and to make up the violin in the toothed teeth. There are many causes of tooth decay caused by the ingestion of powdered sugar after ingestion and on the man by the bacteria in the oral cavity of the bearded men. Most important. Therefore proper mouth hygiene and diet is the best way to prevent oral diseases. What foods cause tooth decay? Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay. Different types of sugar can cause tooth decay: saccharose is the sugar that causes the greatest number of tooth decay, followed by common foods in the daily diet, such as glucose, fructose, maltose. In addition, carbohydrate fermentation easy as sucrose sugars, glucose, fructose, maltose, lactose present in honey, gold, molasses, fresh fruit, dried or canned, fresh water … are food easily cause tooth decay most.

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Her teeth are small, this year she is 21 years old also feel lack of confidence about her teeth. Now I want braces but I’m afraid of braces. Your doctor may ask if your child can use removable braces. And braces are highly effective? Looking for a doctor for you. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Currently, there are two methods of braces are commonly applied are: fixed braces and braces disassembled.

Fixed braces are the use of metal tools attached to the front or inside of the teeth, combined with elastic bands to create the force that moves the tooth to the desired position.

Fixed braces include: metal braces, porcelain braces, fix bindings and tongue fixation. In particular, braces often cause a little trouble for patients when they are quite “attention” on the teeth, the opposite is very recognizable that you are wearing braces. In addition, the backache often makes the feeling “cramped” makes the patient quite difficult to eat chewing, pronunciation or oral hygiene. So the fear of choosing braces as braces as you understand, and this is the common fear of many people. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

To bring a good orthodontic effect while ensuring aesthetics even while you braces the braces disassembly is considered the most perfect solution.

Braces with other names such as braces without braces, transparent braces Invisalign. This is the technique of moving the teeth based on the effect of the trays instead of using traditional braces.

This method is superior to traditional techniques such as: Dental tourim in Vietnam

– The trays are made from transparent dental plastic, close to the tooth surface should be compatible with the real teeth color.

Is your concern is the braces disassembled have brought high efficiency? In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the braces disassembled are still as effective as conventional braces. In the case of teeth as you like, it is possible to implement braces disassembled and achieve high efficiency.

First, the doctor will examine your video and evaluate the condition of your teeth. Based on this result will provide specific treatment regimen. Functional parameters and treatment regimens will be transferred to the Invisalign center by Align Technology Co. in the United States to make orthodontic trays. The technicians will be based on a scannable pattern on modern computer software to analyze the change of teeth. This makes the trays compatible with the tooth shifting stages. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Usually, about 2 weeks you will change the tray once, so bring the tray about 22 hours / day to achieve the highest orthodontic effect. The process of braces will last from 12 to 24 months, depending on the jaw bone structure as well as the state of each person’s teeth that treatment time will vary. The method of braces braces will bring you a satisfied smile, make you comfortable during treatment and avoid dental disease.

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