mentioning the first impressive issue from the dress teeth in Vietnam

mentioning the first impressive issue from the dress teeth in Vietnam, more than half the population does not know There are many causes of tooth loss gradually make your beautiful teeth lost aesthetics seen. To take the initiative with which to take effective remedies, take the following article to explore and explore the causes of tooth loss and how to cure immediately. The reasons for tooth decay may not be known causes tooth loss by imbalance between teeth and jaw. This is a relatively common tooth decay, because the size of the teeth is too small and the width of the jaw is large, so that the gap between the teeth is wider causes tooth loss due to lack of teeth. Also, visit your dentist every six months. The effective way to know the root cause of the tooth.

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Learn about 5 reasons why teeth are sparse

Tooth decay affects aesthetics especially in the front teeth. In addition, the gap between the two large teeth will allow the food to enter and cause tooth decay. Please refer to some common causes why teeth are sparse: vietnam dentist prices

Tooth germ sparse due to lack teeth

The root canals that cannot be sprouted like other teeth will inadvertently create gaps in the jaw. The adjacent teeth that occupy occupy the space of missing teeth but not completely filled so leave the gap. But usually if this is the cause of the gap is usually large teeth.

Teeth is caused by implanted teeth

Similar to the cause of tooth missing due to lack of teeth, one or several teeth do not rise up from the gums but distort the other bright spots, grow later, grow backward or grow not enough crowns will cause the phenomenon toothpaste. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Thin teeth due to the difference between the size of the teeth and the jaw

In cases where the width of the jaw is large, but the size of the teeth is too small to fill the gap of the jaw, the teeth do not grow up close. Casings in this situation are usually small and occur in multiple teeth. If you have sparse teeth at a young age, the number of thinning and the width of the gap is not high, the possibility of this cause is very high.

Thyroid disease

Determine the reason why the tooth is sparse but you do not know how to fit the teeth quickly, please refer to the next share for an answer.

A safe, effective and cost effective dental treatment cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Currently there are many effective methods of dental care such as porcelain, braces and fillings. With safety criteria, porcelain crowns are not guaranteed, because the porcelain need to force the dentist to grind a part of the crown, this action must be invasive tampering with real tooth tissue so there are many risks.

The method of bracing sparse is well known, but if you use this treatment, you need to spend 1-2 years and cost a lot. Therefore, only in the case of multiple teeth, the gap between two large teeth should be new braces.

Simple and complete filling operation only after 15-20 minutes for a slot gap. The complete process takes only about 30 minutes, in only one treatment you have a natural fit, so you can confidently interview. cấy răng implant

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