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  1. Why do bite distortions cause bite?

Some of the major causes of bite defect are: vietnam dentist prices

– Genetic bite defects: In the family of parents, parents or parents have the status of teeth, teeth, teeth …, the rate of children teeth are broken, broken … larger than the normal family. Horns, scabbards … are also one of the forms of bite offsets.

Tooth decay caused by your bad habits as a child: As a child, there is a habit of sucking, faking, breathing or tongue … this is one of the causes of tooth decay. out, out to the lips causing the bite.

– Teeth distortion due to early tooth fracture: In some children due to dental disease or collision, milk teeth loss earlier than the time of permanent teeth. This condition causes the teeth to grow sporadically, grow crowded and cause deviation in the bite. Influences the eating, chewing, and aesthetics of the teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– Mismatched bite due to unreasonable diet: Daily diet will affect the development of the jaw. Especially, malnourished children will cause jaw bone to grow slowly or develop weakly. The jaw is too short, not enough space for teeth to erode the teeth

– Accidental bite defects: Accidents or injuries will cause the teeth to move to the same side. Oral health problems can also cause tooth decay and severe bite.

  1. Types of teeth deflection bite cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Dentifrice bite has a variety of forms, and each type of jaw biopsy has distinct characteristics.

Determining each type of deflection bite will give you the appropriate treatment, best to bring the best effect.

  1. Are bite defects dangerous?

In the case of tooth defect bite, the ability to tear food poorly, resulting in difficult to eat, non-standard jaw structure should often cause non-standard speech phenomenon.

In order to correct the condition of the bite, you need to visit the dentist directly in Paris to get the dentist to consult, as well as to provide the appropriate dental treatment for the treatment.

Because each type of abscess has a proper therapeutic approach, it is not possible to apply a treatment that applies to all cases. cấy răng implant

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