is very suitable for hot summer days teeth in Vietnam

is very suitable for hot summer days teeth in Vietnam, ensuring good chewing function, reasonable price, high durability, long service life. The disadvantage is that when applying the method, it is necessary to sharpen the teeth on both sides to support the bridge support pillar and this method does not help prevent jaw bone loss. With the advantage of being suitable for all cases of tooth loss, improving the function of chewing completely, high aesthetics, preventing bone loss. However, the cost of this method is the highest in dental prosthetic methods. To prevent tooth loss, you must have proper dental care, brush your teeth regularly 1 day 2 times and in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed. Orthodontic braces help rationally adjust the situation of sparse teeth by means of hooks.

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Refresh chew the change Campaign

Porcelain veneers of aesthetics – Charming smile, teeth bright, warranty for over 20 years, Changing the carved porcelain teeth … are the winged advertising of many establishments Cosmetic dentistry. At the cost of one to several million dong a tooth, many people do not hesitate to spend tens of millions to own a tooth like teeth. vietnam dentist prices

When the porcelain crown, the porcelain crown will capture the entire crown of the teeth, while, if the tooth is between the real tissue and the seal is weld. The possibility of sprung up the weld is higher than the porcelain crown sprung.
However, in terms of cost as well as criteria for preserving the real teeth, porcelain crowns cannot be guaranteed by filling teeth. Just fill the remaining three teeth of your remaining tooth, not invasive soft tissue, not grinding real teeth as when wrapping. This is important because there is no porcelain tooth with real teeth. Therefore, if the teeth are still 3/4 or less, but if conservation is preserved. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The teeth are not beautiful, do not bring good luck, advantage in work, in life according to the concept of humanism and the opinion of the patient feel not confident with his teeth. In fact many patients come to the dentist and share, they want to change the “chewing” to look better, change the face, hope the work and life will be more favorable.

Prevention of complications

According to the dentist. With conventional dental crowns, the patient will first be examined and counseled by a dentist who will then provide the to the patient.

After the patient agrees with the method the doctor will perform the grinding, grinding time about 20 – 30 minutes teeth, depending on the difficulty of the teeth, spinal teeth or dead pulp, teeth broken big or small, molar or incisors, the cooperation of patients … cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

After the finish is done to get the impression of the tooth and pour the sample to create the shape of the teeth as real. The doctor will compare the color of the teeth to the patient’s choice of the most suitable color and will send samples after pouring to the technicians at the labo to make the porcelain teeth.

In addition, the filling cost is only a fraction of the porcelain crown, fast operation, can be completed in a single appointment.
Based on the analyzes above, you can identify and know the 1/4 of the teeth should fill or porcelain teeth.

After 2-3 days the patient will be scheduled to return to the test and fix by dental cement. cấy răng implant

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