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and public health In the field of cosmetics teeth in Vietnam

and public health In the field of cosmetics teeth in Vietnam and the adjacent teeth, cramping the food, the gum disease of the opposite jaw. Wisdom teeth are straight, full of space, unobstructed by bones and gums, but the shape of the wisdom teeth is small, deformed, crammed with food on the side, causing tooth decay and periodontitis side teeth. The wisdom teeth themselves have periodontal disease or tooth decay spread. When to leave wisdom teeth do not spit Not all wisdom teeth need to be spit. A straight, normal tooth that is not trapped by bone tissue and gums, without complications, can be retained as long as the patient uses floss and brush to thoroughly clean. Patients with some poorly controlled whole body diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hemophilia. Teeth wisdom is directly related to a number of important anatomical structures such as sinuses, nerves … that cannot use specialized surgical methods to perform.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho All-on-4 technique, restoration all lost teeth


– Ordinary, permanent loss of teeth or lead to the jaw bone, but the incisors are less bone than the internal teeth. Therefore, it is possible to treat with Implant All on 4 without needing bone graft.

– Duration of treatment within 1 day from implants to implant restoration What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam


Check your oral health and general health

Panorama film (check the height of the jaw bone), CT (check the quality and amount of bone)

Get the upper and lower jaw marks, based on this pattern, to guide the implant position guide

The surgical guide is made on the patient’s teeth. The position of each tooth is marked by contrast. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

After completing the initial surgical gut, you will wear this surgical gut and take a 3D CT scan again. In addition to the surgical gut, a 3D CT scan is also available. These data will be transferred abroad to the Lab specialized in this technique (currently in Vietnam is very rare Lab can do). From here, the surgical guide is made using CAD / CAM technology (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture) with precision in micrometer.

The surgical guide is very important in the success of Implant All on 4. If the surgical guide is initially abrasive by the surgical drill, the final surgical girdle is made. The material has good bearing capacity. So, the Implant drill will not be diverted.Dental tourim in Vietnam

Along with the production of the gut, the information on your 3-D CT film will also be used to make teeth on implants. As such, prosthetic dentistry is available before and will be fitted right after implants. The entire process takes place within a day. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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